Integrate G Suite into your learning management system with Course Kit

Course Kit is a set of free tools that helps instructors create, collect, and review coursework.

Incorporate G Suite into your LMS

Course Kit allows educators to use tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive from within their existing LMS without disrupting classroom management or work flows. Course Kit features a built-in grading tool that allows you to manage feedback all in one central place.

Improve workflows and organization

Keep your curriculum efficient and organized with tools to create assignments, manage student work, and grade assignments from within your LMS.

Streamline communication with students

Use Docs, Sheets, and Slides to connect and collaborate with your students on projects, track progress, give feedback and more.

Free to integrate and complies with the LTI standard

Course Kit integrates right into existing LMSs at no additional cost. It’s also completely compliant with the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard.

Give richer feedback

Spend less time on grading and more time on your students with new features to give more personalized, efficient feedback in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and even PDFs.

“We have a lot of tech we’re trying to integrate together, so making it as easy as possible for faculty to receive assignments and grade in Google Docs is a big win for us.”

Holly Zakos, Senior Instructional Technologist, Lehigh University
A student shows his work to an interested professor.

An effective way to drive more collaboration in your classroom

Easily distribute course material

Using Course Kit's file embed tool, instructors can post anything from assignment information and syllabi to lecture presentations and videos. Files are embedded in the LMS, organized in Drive, and automatically shared—saving faculty from manually configuring settings.

Submit and grade assignments seamlessly

Multiple file formats? Not a problem. Course Kit allows students to submit their work in any format compatible with Drive—PDFs too—and the built-in grading tool enables instructors to grade the assignments online with ease. Course Kit also automatically locks edit access to course work on due dates.

Powerful feedback tools built in

Course Kit includes a customizable comment bank so instructors can quickly add commonly used feedback. This leaves more time for thoughtful, personalized feedback through the collaboration features of Docs and Drive.

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