The Dynamic Learning Project

Through its instructional technology coaching curriculum, the Dynamic Learning Project empowers educators to leverage technology in transformative ways with their students and beyond.

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Transform coaching and learning across entire school communities

The Dynamic Learning Project transforms entire school communities by giving schools the ability to activate instructional coaches to create sustainable and lasting instructional shifts - accelerating progress toward strategic goals.

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    Step into leadership with a unique coaching curriculum

    Activate existing instructional coaches as leaders to reach educators and spark full school transformation.

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    Get support with an individualized program consultancy

    Each leadership team is matched with a dedicated mentor to provide valuable consulting and support to guide teams through their transformation journey.

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    Work efficiently with customized resources

    Track progress, work more efficiently, and communicate goals and accomplishments with customized resources.


DLP teachers report improvement in their key classroom challenges.

Dynamic Learning Project, “Scaling Up Classroom Coaching


DLP Teachers report coaching improves student engagement after a year of DLP coaching.

Dynamic Learning Project, “Fostering Powerful Use of Technology

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Start your transformation with online training and resources

Explore ways to get involved with the Dynamic Learning Project using the resources below. If you want to learn more about customized program consultancy, let us know by filling out the short form below.

Begin learning with free online curriculum

Access online training curriculum specifically tailored for coaches and administrators.

Measure impact with free DLP dashboard

Stay organized and measure impact with this free, web-based applications for coaches.

Get support on transformative initiatives of the Dynamic Learning Project

Get training and support to implement the transformative coaching initiatives.

Find Dynamic Learning Project Research

Access research that can inform ongoing conversations on teacher professional development, coaching, and technologies for learning.

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